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BRC LogoBirmingham Rowing Club can be found at Edgbaston Reservoir in Birmingham City Centre. We cater for ages and all abilities and have thriving junior and senior squads and also a developing recreational section. We have had success at regional and national level over the past couple of years. We also run Learn to Row courses in partnership with Edgbaston Watersports Centre and B-Row: Youth Rowing in Birmingham, for those wanting to give a new sport a go. Please browse our website for more information on how to get involved in rowing at Birmingham Rowing Club.

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    Regatta results

    Thanks to all the clubs who supported this year's regatta and to all the visiting umpires who helped on the day.

    Thanks also to our sponsor JW Hinks.

    Because of a moderate tail wind which changed to cross tail in the afternoon the course was shortened to about 600m



    Regatta entries

    After a few withdrawals there is space for 10 more entries so I have re-opened the regatta for entries. Entries close on Friday at 10pm


    Regatta sponsorship

    The regatta is still looking for sponsors of events. Prices start at £20 and details can be found here


    Pubs and Clubs regatta Saturday, 7th May

    Never rowed before?

    Fancy giving a try and racing against similar crews on Saturday 7th May?

    See poster for details


    Current regatta state of entries

    There have been a few withdrawals so entries are currently open again - 5 places left. Not all have opposition so you may wish to move crews around while entries are open.

    Event Crews
    Division 1 62
    SEN.2x 2
    J12A.4x+ 1
    J13A.2x 3
    J14A.1x 3
    J14A.4x+ 2
    J14B.2x 2
    J14B.8x+ 3
    J15A.2x 3
    J15B.1x 5
    J15B.4x+ 3
    J16A.2x 1
    J16A.8+ 1
    PRI.J14.4x+ 1
    SEN.1x 2
    W.IM3.1x 4
    W.IM3.2x 2
    W.J13A.2x 4
    W.J14A.1x 2
    W.J14A.4x+ 4
    W.J14B.2x 3
    W.J15A.2x 1
    W.J15A.8+ 2
    W.J15B.1x 1
    W.J15B.4+ 1
    W.J15B.4x+ 3
    W.J16A.2x 2
    W.PRI.J14.4x+ 1
    Division 2 58
    J12A.2x 1
    J13A.1x 4
    J14A.8x+ 2
    J14B.4x+ 4
    J15A.1x 2
    J15A.4x+ 2
    J15B.2x 4
    J15B.8+ 2
    J16A.1x 2
    J16A.4+ 2
    J16A.4x- 2
    SEN.4+ 1
    W.J13A.4x+ 2
    W.J14A.2x 8
    W.J14A.8x+ 2
    W.J14B.1x 3
    W.J14B.4x+ 2
    W.J15A.1x 2
    W.J15A.4+ 2
    W.J15A.4x+ 3
    W.J15B.2x 6
    Grand Total 120