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Current regatta state of entries

There have been a few withdrawals so entries are currently open again - 5 places left. Not all have opposition so you may wish to move crews around while entries are open. Event Crews Division 1 62 SEN.2x 2 J12A.4x+ 1 J13A.2x 3 J14A.1x 3 J14A.4x+ 2 J14B.2x 2 J14B.8x+... More

Birmingham Regatta 2016

This year's regatta will be on Saturday, 23rd April in the usual format of round robins and divisions. Senior events will be time trials (if necessary) followed by 3 side-by-side races. These have been granted non-qualifying status by the NCC under rule 4-1-2. We will be using the amended rule 5-2-3b and will be ... More

Birmingham Regatta results

All the day's results are here. Next year's regatta will be on Saturday, 23rd April 2016. More

Regatta draw amendment

A slightly amended draw which affects the WJ14B.4x+ event which some small changes to race times after about 1500. Race order v2 Event order v2   More

Regatta documents

Draw (event order) Draw (race order) Map Competitor instructions More

Regatta draw

Thank you for entries from Bedford RC Birmingham RC Bishop Vesey's G Sch. RC Gt Marlow Sch Hampton Sch BC Monmouth Comprehensive Sch Pangbourne Coll Royal Shrewsbury Sch St Edwards Sch Stowe Sculling Club   The draw, safety plan, and notes for competitors will be posted here tomorrow night. We look ... More

Birmingham Regatta – Saturday, 25th April 2015

Almost the regatta season again and Birmingham is the first regatta in the West Midlands. Usual events for juniors and lower status senior and masters crews. The NCC has allowed pathfinder status for our senior events. These will be runs as leagues and will non-qualifying. Entries will close when the limit of 125 ... More

Scullers Head

Steve Byford finished 104th at the Scullers head and 11th in the Intermediate 3 class More

Stourport SBH

Plenty of wins for the club WJ.4x IM3.1x, IM2.1x Steve Byford WJ17.4x IM3.2x MasF.1x Steve Prichard More

Worcester SBH

Wins for WJ16.4+ Abi, Hollie, Honor, Immy, Finli (c) WJ16.1x Anya IM3.1x Steve WJ16.2x Anya (in composite with Stourport More