More bad news on the water level

If you’re wondering why the water level’s dropping, we received this from BWB today:

We are required by the Reservoir Panel Engineer to undertake some work at the toe of the embankment. To facilitate this work, he has asked that we reduce the level of the reservoir by up to 3m below weir level (which is approx 600mm lower than the level normally expected in the reservoir at this time of the year). The works need to be completed by March 2008 to ensure compliance with the Act. In order to maximise our potential to refill the reservoir, we have decided to bring the works forward to December, which is why we have had to commence drawdown now. We will be installing an observation trench at the toe and will be monitoring seepage as the level in the reservoir drops. If we reach a stage where seepage becomes minimal before reaching the -3m level, we will obviously stop and avoid unnecessary dewatering.

Upon rewatering the reservoir, we have been asked to maintain the reservoir at -500mm until the spillway works have been completed during summer 2008.

We recognise that this may be an inconvenience to you, but can assure you that we will do our best to minimise the effects.


Fingers crossed for another wet winter