Women’s Eights Head of the River Race 2013

Just a week after Head of the Trent, the BRC senior women descended onto the Tideway!

The eight had a quick paddle in the morning to set the boat up, then came off the water for a much needed pre-race lunch. Aimee soon had the crew familiar with the race plan and landmarks, so with a quick chat from Dave they were ready to go…

Setting off 2nd in the division meant there was little ahead of the crew to push onto. However, they managed to paddle their way right up to Bewdley, the crew ahead. With the cox keeping them in the perfect line in the stream, the BRC ladies proceeded to overtake Bewdley.

Unfortunately, Bewdley were also being undertaken by Birmingham University, who forced them across into our ladies, causing a clash of blades and significant loss of time and rhythm. Pulling themselves back together rapidly after this incident, the BRC ladies set about pushing Bewdley away and using the clear river to take advantage of the stream. A hard push out of Hammersmith and strong two minutes later, our women’s eight neared the finish, crossing the line with good strength and rhythm, pleased at having finished the course.

Results placed the BRC women at 106th, a 23 place improvement on last year’s great result, and just a second or so off the top 100. Well done to the whole crew!

The crew and result was:

20:34.57  WIM3 8+  S Tasha Scott, 7 Emma Tod, 6 Louise Lane, 5 Lisa Meegan, 4 Sarah Gregory, 3 Emma Raynor, 2 Sarah Evans, B Hannah James, C Aimee Muirhead

Many thanks to Aimee for coxing, Sidney Sussex Boat Club for the use of their boat and blades, and Dave for support on the day.

BRC WIM3 8+ at WEHORR 2013

BRC WIM3 8+ at WEHORR 2013