Cambridge Head to Head

The first race of 2013 for the senior women was Cambridge Head to Head.

Looking forward to a paddle along the sunny, picturesque Cam, the women’s coxed four set off for their race.

Head to head takes the interesting form of having two 2k legs, with a short break and spin in the middle. This made for a good test of the women’s endurance, and doing 2 x 2k twice provided the ideal opportunity to test out crew orders.

Unfortunately, the WIM1 4+ did not have competition, but posted the fastest time for a women’s coxed four for the day. The next fastest time for a women’s coxed four (besides ourselves) was 17:55, a whole 48 seconds slower.

They also beat over thirty eights (including men’s eights!).

The WIM2 4+ went on to win their division and have pots awarded to them – well done ladies!

The crews and results were:

17:07  WIM1 4+  S Emma Raynor, 3 Lisa Meegan, 2 Tasha Scott, B Emma Tod, C Aimee Muirhead

17:14  WIM2 4+  S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Emma Raynor, B Lisa Meegan, C Aimee Muirhead

Many thanks to Aimee for coxing, and for the support from Dave and Chris.

Also, thanks to Xpress Boat Club for lending us their four to row in.

WIM2 4+