Exclusive days 2020

We share the Reservoir with the Midland Sailing Club and TS Vernon sea cadets and these are their exclusive dates for this year. MSC Merlin open                          Sun 22nd March BRC Regatta        &... More

Exclusive dates 2010

Here is the list of exclusive dates for 2010 for the use of the Reservoir. On MSC days we can generally go out until 1030am, but please come off if asked to earlier. There will be no beginners' sessions on these days. 28th March (MSC) 11th April (MSC) 24th April (BRC regatta) 26th June (TSV) 27th June (TSV) 4th ... More

Reservoir exclusive days 2009

Generally there's no rowing on these days, but if you're early then you can get an outing in before the sailors come out to play. Please come straight off the water the moment they start launching. TS Vernon 20/ 21 June Midland Sailing Club 22 March 5 April 5 July 19 July 22 November More

Exclusive days 2008 (updated)

Please make a note of these in your diary so that you don’t turn up unexpectedly. That being said rowing might be possible up to 1030am on the MSC days, and with negotiation with TSV on the weekend of 10th/11th May. Sat, 29th March (MSC) Sun, 30th March (MSC) Sat, 26th April (Birmingham regatta) Sat, 10th May ... More