Head of the Trent

After the disappointment of Henley Head being cancelled, the BRC women were absolutely raring to go to Nottingham. Most of the women had not rowed on the Trent before, and were looking forward to scenery that differed from Holme Pierrepoint, as well as the weather, forecast to be perfect for racing.

Perhaps because we aren’t used to rowing with stream, the row up to the start of the race felt very long and tough. The added excitement of losing a rudder and needing a replacement before even boating, ensured the crew were focused on getting into the racing frame of mind. Paddling without spinning every 800m or so allowed the crew to build consistency, and by the time they reached marshalling they were certainly ready to race.

The WIM3 4+ set off in the morning, building in good time for the start and catching up on the WIM2 4+ ahead fairly soon in the course. A few pushes later Sheffield were overtaken, and the rest of the race was spent trying to push them as far away as possible by finding the stream and keeping a steady 30-32 over the entire 5.7k distance.

Pleasingly, soon after derigging, Nottingham released the results and the WIM3 4+ managed to win their category by 11 seconds. Another fantastic win for the women!

The WIM3 8+ then took to the river. This included the WIM3 4+ from the morning in stern four, tired, but elated from their earlier win. Cohesiveness came to the crew surprisingly quickly and the paddle up to the start was more enjoyable than the previous. This time the calls for the start came in the perfect place and they were soon flying through the first bridge. Yet again 30-32 was held over the course, with the failing cox box only dampening spirits slightly into the latter half.

Results for this division placed the first women’s eight to race since WEHORR a year ago, 5th of 19 eights, which was a great result. This should give the women confidence going into WEHORR 2013.

The crews and results were:

21:48  WIM3 4+  S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Louise Lane, B Lisa Meegan, C Beth Parker

20:56  WIM3 8+  S Tasha Scott, 7 Emma Tod, 6 Louise Lane, 5 Lisa Meegan, 4 Sarah Gregory, 3 Emma Raynor, 2 Vicky Jones, B Hannah James, C Beth Parker

Many thanks to Beth for coxing, Vicky for subbing in and helping us acquire a lovely boat from Nottingham Trent University, and for the support from Dave, Chris and Roddie.

Photo credit: Iain Weir / Rowing Photography

W IM3 8+

W IM3 8+