Henley Women’s results

Women’s Henley 2012

After a very busy and not overly successful two months of regattas, the women’s intermediate coxed four were determined to make an impact at Henley Women’s Regatta.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas, and the high stream, mud and wind conditions on the Henley stretch meant that the races were at risk of being cancelled. The day before the regatta it was decided that the number of qualifying crews would be just 8 of 24, rather than 16, meaning to get a race other than the time trial, they had to be in the top third of crews.

With this in mind, the women’s four made sure they prepared as well as possible, this time actually tapering for a race, carb loading and ensuring they all knew the race plan and the course.

Boating for the time trial on Friday, the crew went through a couple of minutes of their warm up before being spun and sent off – due to the adverse conditions. They rowed extremely well together and set down their best possible time. Shona, a fairly novice cox, put in some excellent calls, motivating the crew and keeping the power on. She was then rewarded by help from Matthew Pinsent whilst parking…

Results were soon announced – the Birmingham RC women’s intermediate coxed four qualified, showing that hard work does pay off! Preparation for the next race began immediately.

By the time the side-by-side race came around, conditions had worsened significantly. After speeding a while setting up on the start, the crews were off. The Birmingham four put in another gutsy row into a huge headwind, but their competition, Barnes Bridge Ladies were just a bit quick.

Barnes Bridge eventually went on to win the Regatta – well done to them – in a bigger margin than their race with Birmingham. Looks like a tough draw sent them out early, but well done to the women.

The crew was:

W Intermediate Club 4+   S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Sarah Gregory, B Lisa Meegan, C Shona Marsh

Many thanks to Dave McClement and Hannah Read for their coaching over the season, and support at races and regattas.