Nottingham Autumn Head

Nottingham head race was, for many of the juniors and seniors, a new experience. Many of us were rowing on water that we had not rowed on before which made for a much more exciting head race.

Division 1 started nice and early and was for singles only with a distance of 4.2 kilometres. Our club put out 7 singles in the first division; in all of the 4 years I have been rowing I have never seen that many on the water at once from Birmingham!

There was a strong headwind while rowing down the course which made it quite choppy but the competitors still managed to complete the course with no major disasters, which is always a positive!  Steve Byford, one of our Senior Men, was the fastest single from Birmingham of the day, congratulations Steve!

Division two was a shorter distance and aimed at junior and beginner crews and we were able to put out many of our juniors. The fastest BRC boat from division 2 was the J15 coxed quad so congratulations to them. The weather was sunnier by this point, but still just as cold! The wind had also eased off which was great for the less experienced crews.

Division three was at the end of the day and for older junior and senior crews with a distance of 3.8 kilometres. The fastest BRC crew of that division was the J17 boy’s coxless quad (my crew!) and the conditions were brilliant to end the day on.

Unfortunately, even though we had no wins, everyone would agree that it was a brilliant, well organised head race and a super day out. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when saying that this race has motivated us all to train hard in the upcoming weeks in order to take home some pots and medals next time!


  • Written by George Allaway, Junior Team Member