Oxford City Bumps – April 2013

With much excitement, and a few classic bumps nerves, the senior women travelled to Oxford to take part in their City Bumps competition.

A bumps competition is where boats start in procession, about a length and a half apart. When the canon fires all boats start racing simultaneously, with the aim of the race being to catch, or ‘bump’ the boat in front of you before the boat behind catches you.

Both Birmingham crews performed exceptionally well, testing and proving themselves against crews from the Isis, Tideway and more!

W1 managed to bump at every opportunity, sending boats tumbling down the charts and being the only crew to get awarded blades in the W1 division.

W2, being a scratch crew, had a shaky start but managed to pull it back with two exhilarating bumps in the last round, one of which had such a powerful start that the crew behind were reeled in very quickly.

The crews and results were:

W1 S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Emma Raynor, B Lisa Meegan, C Alex Thomas
(+5, Blades awarded)

W2 S Louise Lane, 3 Hannah James, 2 Sarah Gregory, B Vicky Brennan, C Beth Parker

Many thanks to Alex Thomas and Beth Parker for coxing, and for the support from Roddie, Dave, Dave’s brother-in-law, Sandy, Pete and Brad, without whom we could not have entered.