Upper Thames Head results

Second in the season for the women was Upper Thames Head – a chance for the squad to row on the Henley stretch.

Unfortunately the competition for the WIM1 4+ failed to turn up. However, we still went all out for the time and are pleased with the result. Pushing off a high-standard junior girls quad made the race feel more like a side-by-side competition, helping to get us into race mode.

In contrast for the second race we found ourselves on our own. This enabled us to find a steadier rhythm, and pacing the race allowed us to put in a faster time much more comfortably. Our time put us third of seven in our division, and top of the IM3 club crews, so well done to both crews.

The crews and results were:

13:46  WIM1 4+  S Tasha Scott, 3 Lisa Meegan, 2 Sarah Gregory, B Emma Raynor C Sarah King

13:39  WIM3 4+  S Tasha Scott, 3 Lisa Meegan, 2 Louise Lane, B Emma Raynor C Sarah King

16:05  WIM3 2x  S Sarah Gregory, B Hannah James