Birmingham Regatta 2021

Birmingham Rowing Club is excited to invite you to our annual round robin regatta which takes place over approximately 700m of still water on Sunday, 26 September 2021. You will get plenty of stake boat practice, with multiple races (entries permitted) per crew guaranteed.

We will be running the usual format of round robins in 2 divisions with events divided according to ranking points if sufficient entries. You can enter the same event in the morning or afternoon division or try something different.

3 entries – each crew gets 2 races

4 entries – each crew gets 3 races

5 entries – each crew gets at least 2 races

Entries (£12.50 per seat) will open in BROE on Friday, 20th August and close at 2300 on Saturday, 18th September

Both open and women’s events8x+8+4x+4x4+2x1x
Senior am am amamamam
Senior pm pm pmpmpmpm
Senior (low CRI)  am pmampm
Junior am am amamamam
Junior pm pm pmpmpmpm
J16 amamamam amamam
J16 pmpmpmpm pmpmpm
J15 amam am  amam
J15 pmpm pm  pmpm
J14  pm  ampm
J13  am  pmam
Masters   pmpmampm
Masters (low CRI)  pm ampmam

Birmingham Regatta 2021 Rules

1. Entries will be limited to a maximum of 125 crews, and entries will be suspended once 125 have been received.

2. The event is being run in 2 divisions. Boats and crew must ONLY be entered once in each division.

3. Crews will be banded in groups of 4/5 according to their crew ranking points. Gold medals will be awarded to the winner of each band.

4. Racing will start no earlier than 9.45am.

5. Senior events—You may enter the same crew in the morning and afternoon divisions.

6. Junior events—You may enter the same crew in the morning and afternoon divisions.

7. In order to give the youngest juniors more racing  J13 events will be open only.

8. Low CRI events—These will be limited to an average of 15 points per crew member. Masters low CRI events will be banded on CRI rather than age.

9. Masters events will be banded according to age and CRI.

10. All events will be run as round robins (where numbers of entries allow) and crews will stay on the water until the round robin round in their event is completed. All crews in an event should boat at the same time which is 15 minutes before the first race in that event. All races will be timed. The winning boat will be determined by the number of wins in each event, then by the results of the race involving any tied crews, then by cumulative winning times or if not possible by cumulative winning margin. There may be a final race to break ties.

11. Entry is by British Rowing online entry (BROE2) only but this site will be active from 20th August 2021. Payment electronically or BROE2 and these should be made before the day of the regatta to avoid a penalty of £1 per seat.

11. All entries scratched after the draw will be charged. Clubs should inform us as soon as possible of any scratchings. Please ensure that the entry details contain the number of someone who can be contacted during the day of Sunday, 19th September.

12. The regatta committee may change any of these rules to suit particular circumstances

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