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Regatta opening on BROE2

It’s all ready to go but British Rowing wish to check tomorrow that BROE2 is all good to go in case of any glitches with the first regatta. It will be open on the evening of 13th February.

Birmingham Regatta 2017

This year’s Birmingham Regatta will be held on Saturday, 22nd April.

We will be trialling the new competition structure and this will be your first opportunity to give it a go in a regatta.

See the poster for details of the events we offer and the particular local rules we will be using.

As it’s the first regatta British Rowing just wants to check that BROE2 is ok with it. It will be open on the evening of 13th February.

Further details will be via the Regatta page.



Please visit for Midland Indoor Rowing Championship 2017 entries


Club AGM

This will be held on Wednesday, 18th September from 1830 to 2000 at a venue yet to be decided. Please try and keep the date free.

Henley Town and Visitors Regatta – August 2013

The first regatta post-HWR for most the senior women was at Henley once again!

Enjoying being back on the Henley stretch, the WIM3 4+ took to the water in the morning to compete in their semi-final. Henley T&V is run as a 3-lane river regatta and their semi final involved us, Barnes Bridge Ladies and Auriol Kensington. After a great deal of faff attaching (not by Birmingham) we finally started the 800 m race. A good start and we took a very early lead, but unfortunately the other two crews converged and we were called back to the start. More faff (again, not by Birmingham) followed but with confidence from their first race, BRC made a controlled start to pull away level with Barnes Bridge. Barnes managed to stick with BRC for a few hundred metres, but were soon undone by the wind and conditions and BRC stormed through, eventually moving the rating and pressure down to win the semi final easily.

The final of the WIM3 4+ came next after a very speedy turnaround due to earlier faff. Birmingham lined up on the start, sandwiched between City of Oxford and Llandaff, both of whom had won their semi finals of three. The race started and CORC managed to get an early lead of ½ a length. Birmingham dug deep and managed to pull level in the middle half of the race, and then a huge push for 20 saw them pulling away, eventually winning by 1 ¼ lengths. Being a large entry race, the WIM3 4+ took home two points each and were given a very large trophy, great work!

In the afternoon, the same crew competed in the WIM2 4+ category. The final was against yet another City of Oxford crew, and Birmingham paddled to the start knowing that this could be a tough race. The start was called and CORC pulled away to half a length again. Taking confidence from their earlier race, Birmingham used the first 400 m of the course to draw level with the CORC crew, who continued to push hard. With 300 m to go, a racing restart was called and the response from the Birmingham crew was to pull out by ¼ of a length. Building on this, further pushes and a lot of hard work eventually gave Birmingham the win, by 1 ¼ lengths.

Straight after this success came the WIM2 quad. A scratch crew, this was the first women’s coxless quad to go out since Bedford Head in October. The row up was fairly tidy, and the crew lined up on the start next to Marlow, who had competed earlier in the WIM1 quad category. Unfortunately, Marlow were just too fast, and the Birmingham crew was beaten by 5 lengths. However, a great effort for a new crew, and something to build upon for Stourport Regatta.

The crews were:
WIM3 4+ S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Raynor, 2 Lisa Meegan, B Beth Parker, C Vicky Jones
WIM2 4+ S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Raynor, 2 Lisa Meegan, B Beth Parker, C Silvia Breu
WIM2 4x S Silvia Breu, 3 Vicky Jones, 2 Beth Parker, B Emma Raynor

Many thanks to for the support from Dave, Sandy and Roddie.

Birmingham RC Senior Women winning at Henley T&V

Birmingham RC Senior Women winning at Henley T&V

Learn to row

We will be running the next of our learn to row courses over the summer. These will take place on Monday evenings. Please ring 07966 166 602 to get more details. Places are limited.

Henley Women’s Regatta – June 2013

The main regatta of the season for BRC’s senior women was Henley Women’s Regatta.

Having been preparing for this directly since September 2012, and indirectly our whole rowing careers, it was with much excitement that the crew set off to Henley on Thursday night. A steady paddle after putting the boat together settled the nerves a little.

Friday morning saw the start of the time trials. Birmingham RC set off at the head of the women’s and put in a brilliant start and row, coming 7th in a time of 05:20 and qualifying with ease in the top 16 crews.

A long wait was then had, until the first side-by-side race on Saturday afternoon. Our draw of Putney town was a tough one, as they had qualified second, and won at Reading Regatta. However, the crew put out an almighty performance into a strong and unfavourable headwind. Slightly down off the start, and hitting the wind first, we found ourselves down by two lengths. A call for a push and restart was responded to incredibly well, and surged us into within a length of Putney Town. With a final verdict of a loss by one length, the crew disembarked very disappointed that this marked the end of our competitive racing as a crew, but satisfied in the knowledge that we had tried our very best.

Putney town went on to make the final, in which they were beaten by a very strong Thames crew. Well done to both crews.

The crew was:

Women’s Intermediate Club Coxed Four
S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Emma Raynor, B Lisa Meegan, C Silvia Breu

Many thanks to Silvia Breu for coxing, and for the support from Roddie, Sandy and Dave.

A special mention must go here for Dave, whose support over the year has been second to none. Having braved all weathers and corners of the country for the senior women, we know we could not have done this without him.

S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Emma Raynor, B Lisa Meegan, Cox Silvia Breu

S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Emma Raynor, B Lisa Meegan, Cox Silvia Breu

Roddie has also been invaluable in terms of logistical support – so thanks to you too.

Oxford City Bumps – April 2013

With much excitement, and a few classic bumps nerves, the senior women travelled to Oxford to take part in their City Bumps competition.

A bumps competition is where boats start in procession, about a length and a half apart. When the canon fires all boats start racing simultaneously, with the aim of the race being to catch, or ‘bump’ the boat in front of you before the boat behind catches you.

Both Birmingham crews performed exceptionally well, testing and proving themselves against crews from the Isis, Tideway and more!

W1 managed to bump at every opportunity, sending boats tumbling down the charts and being the only crew to get awarded blades in the W1 division.

W2, being a scratch crew, had a shaky start but managed to pull it back with two exhilarating bumps in the last round, one of which had such a powerful start that the crew behind were reeled in very quickly.

The crews and results were:

W1 S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Emma Raynor, B Lisa Meegan, C Alex Thomas
(+5, Blades awarded)

W2 S Louise Lane, 3 Hannah James, 2 Sarah Gregory, B Vicky Brennan, C Beth Parker

Many thanks to Alex Thomas and Beth Parker for coxing, and for the support from Roddie, Dave, Dave’s brother-in-law, Sandy, Pete and Brad, without whom we could not have entered.

Reading Amateur Regatta 2012

The final regatta before Henley saw a women’s coxed four take to a river for the first time in Reading.

They raced in the WIM2 4+ category, and unfortunately lost their very close heat to Oxford City W1.

The crew was:

WIM2 4+   S Tasha Scott, 3 Emma Tod, 2 Sarah Gregory, B Lisa Meegan, C Shona Marsh

Slightly amended regatta draw

There was a mistake in the WJ142x draw and this has now been corrected. The revised version is available from the regatta page.

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